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Can Disney Re-invent the Rodent?
Posted in One Million Watts on 10 November 2009
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Mickey Mouse circa 1928 was a hellraiser. He dealt squarely with his enemies, but he also played pranks on his friends. And oh boy, do we need him back.

Hey, marriage-minded teens! It’s Teen-Time!
Posted in One Million Watts on 14 October 2009
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This hilariously bad board game demonstrates a delightfully astonishing lack of understanding of its target market. The object of the game is to get engaged to be married before your fellow teens do. Seriously.

Kurt Cobain vs. Guitar Hero, Part 2
Posted in One Million Watts on 8 October 2009
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I haven’t spent much time with the unlocked Kurt Cobain avatar. Sure, I set up a supergroup with Kurt and Johnny Cash and Shirley Manson, but after watching them hip and hop their way through “Bring the Noise,” I went back to my first choice of avatar: me.

Paris on $5 a Game: Playing “Mille Bornes”
Posted in Things We Like on 7 October 2009
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I’m not sure if I’ve ever this automobile-themed card game one-hundred-percent correctly; the rules are convoluted and many. Reading through Mille Bornes’ rule sheet is almost as bad as studying for your actual driver’s license.

Kurt Cobain vs. Guitar Hero, Part 1
Posted in One Million Watts on 6 October 2009
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The figure on the stage is unmistakably Kurt Cobain. Specifically, it’s just like his appearance in the video “Smells Like Teen Spirit”–scraggly dirty-blond hair, dark green cardigan, ripped jeans. However, he moves with uncharacteristic theatricality, and his arms rise in a slow sweeping rock salute to the crowd.

Get an (original) “Clue”
Posted in Things We Like on 17 September 2009
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A staple of nearly every games closet I’ve ever encountered, “Clue” is a dirt-simple game that nonetheless evokes the specter of advanced deduction; in this way, it resembles “CSI,” which is also suitable for ages 9 and up.

The Least Successful Toy in the World
Posted in Things We Like on 19 August 2009
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Toy companies are known for cynically jumping on bandwagons. But things don’t always work out. Perhaps today, we can forgive Lionel Trains for trying to come up with a train set that appealed to girls.

Deep disappointment: Fisher-Price flattens the View-Master
Posted in Things We Like on 3 August 2009
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Fisher-Price recently announced that they have ceased making reels for the View-Master 3-D viewer. This news shocked me for one reason only: I didn’t know that Fisher-Price was producing any View-Master reels at all.