Halloween Safety Tips
Posted in Lies and Entertainment on 8 October 2010
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It’s okay to have fun as long as we play it safe. These safety tips will ensure that your Halloween is all treat and no tricks!

In My Day, The Web Was…
Posted in Lies and Entertainment on 29 September 2010
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In my day, the web was small. It wasn’t even a billion pages yet. You could surf the entire thing in under a hundred years. And it was a kinder, more homey place; you knew all your neighbors.

Why We Tumblr
Posted in One Million Watts on 16 September 2010
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I resisted Tumblr for a long time because I saw it as little more than a coffee-table blogging service — all style, with no context or substance. I didn’t realize that were its strengths.

Becoming a Camera
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 6 September 2010
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Photography is a learning process that eventually becomes a skill, and it’s a skill that eventually becomes a sense. I’m getting there.

Excerpts from H.P. Lovecraft’s Yelp Page
Posted in Lies and Entertainment on 27 August 2010
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After awakening from a troubled sleep infected with visions of demonic abstractions pitched at odd angles against an impossible landscape of stark horror, my sweet tooth hit.

Things We Like: “Lady Terminator” and Aardman’s Commercials
Posted in Things We Like on 24 July 2010
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Straight outta Indonesia, it’s a sexy killing machine! Also: The makers of “Wallace and Gromit” pay the bills with style.

Airborne Thoughts on Hometown Pride
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 20 July 2010
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Every day I feel what it is to be a Las Vegan — to be underestimated at every turn, to be judged a hard-drinking frat boy, to be thought artless and bereft. And I use it to my advantage.

Articles I Was Going to Write, But Didn’t
Posted in Lies and Entertainment on 9 July 2010
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I’ve written a bunch of pieces that I thought would be perfect for this site, but then I realized I couldn’t actually publish any of them. Still, there’s no harm in describing them. I think.

Why I’m Going to Miss Physical Media
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 8 July 2010
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One evening, while browsing a large entertainment store, I was struck by a notion: The massive store, as well as its aisles of products, will be gone very soon.

The Day Pandora Gave Me a Bean Burrito
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 30 June 2010
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You have probably never heard “Bean Burrito,” Hiram Bullock’s smooth jazz tribute to, well, a bean burrito. Nor would I have, if Pandora Radio’s algorithm-based system really worked.