Adventures in Seattle Jaywalking
Posted in Seattle on 15 December 2010
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When I was growing up, jaywalking was easy. You wanted to cross the street, there were no cars, you went. Here in Seattle, the same act is fraught with all manner of psychodrama.

Christmas Cheer in Lower Queen Anne
Posted in Seattle on 9 December 2010
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I lay my hat in Lower Queen Anne, where cohabiting young couples, daffy cat ladies and people who have made poor life choices meet. It’s also Seattle’s Christmas Central.

A Short Note in Praise of the Sun
Posted in Seattle on 11 November 2010
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I’m looking at you, bright eyes. You, with your white-hot complexion of hydrogen and helium, your magnetic field, that special way you move (differential rotation!) — all these things add up.

Initiatives That Should’ve Been on the Washington Ballot
Posted in Seattle on 9 November 2010
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Last week, Washington State voted to preserve its historic prohibition-era blue laws and took steps to insure that Tim Eyman will be in our lives for at least 30 more years. But it’s not enough.

Things We Like: “The People Next Door,” “Something Wicked” and Our First Gig
Posted in Things We Like on 2 October 2010
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Have you talked to your kids in the past ten minutes? If not, there’s an excellent chance that they’re hanging out with hippies, starting a band, or running off to join the carnival.

Tales of the Wallingford Beast, Part 2
Posted in Lies and Entertainment on 1 October 2010
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You would think that Archie McPhee would be happy to have some kind of cryptozoological creature co-existing in our space, but there have been problems.

The Shoe-Petter Incident
Posted in Seattle on 28 September 2010
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For a number of years, my favorite shoes were a pair of slip-on Vans. These were not just your average Spicoli-styled Vans, but leopard-print cowhide Vans. They, um, attracted attention.

A Dozen Reasons to Give Money to the Library
Posted in Seattle on 23 September 2010
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Seattle Public Library is always in need of operating and procurement funds, but rarely more than now. Use of the libraries is way up, and capital is way, way down.

Tales of the Wallingford Beast, Part 1
Posted in Lies and Entertainment on 17 September 2010
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Here at Archie McPhee we’re used to strange things happening, but these events defy explanation. Something is out there.

Fall Preview
Posted in Seattle on 2 September 2010
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Strictly speaking, the first day of autumn falls on September 23 this year. For Seattle, though, autumn is pretty much a default state — and when you add actual, genuine autumn to it, miraculous things happen.