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In Praise of Long John Silver’s Krums
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 7 September 2010
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Krums are the fried pieces of excess batter that drip or break off of the “real” food. Oh, how I coveted the mountains of Krums.

Becoming a Camera
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 6 September 2010
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Photography is a learning process that eventually becomes a skill, and it’s a skill that eventually becomes a sense. I’m getting there.

The Emperor’s New Ping
Posted in One Million Watts on 3 September 2010
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I join social networks willy-nilly and put little or no thought into them, but it isn’t what I put on them that matters. It’s what I leave off.

Ode to a Phony Doubloon
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 23 August 2010
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The shop was home to one of those carnival midway machines that would print any sequence of letters onto a souvenir coin. In essence, you were making your own money.

Suggested Product Improvements: The Ventriloquist’s Dummy
Posted in Lies and Entertainment on 20 August 2010
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Everyone wants to own a ventriloquist dummy, but how do we overcome the fear that it will come to life in the middle of the night and stab us to death?

Perfectly Good D.I.Y. Ideas Rejected by ReadyMade Magazine
Posted in Lies and Entertainment on 30 July 2010
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I’m tired of having my great do-it-yourself ideas shot down. Who doesn’t want to build their own one-person hot tub, knit their own money or have their very own floating plastic island?

Things We Like: “Lady Terminator” and Aardman’s Commercials
Posted in Things We Like on 24 July 2010
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Straight outta Indonesia, it’s a sexy killing machine! Also: The makers of “Wallace and Gromit” pay the bills with style.

Dawn of the Smartphone Cyborgs
Posted in One Million Watts on 22 July 2010
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My smartphone use is through the roof. It isn’t rude or unsafe, but I’ve come to depend on that handheld interface in ways that almost shame me when I say them out loud.

The Dustbin of Million-Dollar Ideas
Posted in Lies and Entertainment on 19 July 2010
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I should be a millionaire several times over by this point in my life. Scores of venture capitalists should be clamoring to take me to lunch, and I’ll tell you why.

Why I’m Going to Miss Physical Media
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 8 July 2010
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One evening, while browsing a large entertainment store, I was struck by a notion: The massive store, as well as its aisles of products, will be gone very soon.