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The Dustbin of Million-Dollar Ideas
Posted in Lies and Entertainment on 19 July 2010
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I should be a millionaire several times over by this point in my life. Scores of venture capitalists should be clamoring to take me to lunch, and I’ll tell you why.

Scenes from the Neon Boneyard
Posted in One Million Watts on 7 June 2010
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It’s not right to call it a graveyard. These things were never really alive to begin with. And besides, the Neon Boneyard is soon coming back to life.

Is it An Education, or is it Memorex?
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 3 May 2010
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All I knew about jazz before that afternoon was that my cousin drummed for a Dixieland outfit in Sacramento, and that I hated Dixieland. This was something new and unexpected.

You Asked For It: Hollywood Edition
Posted in Lies and Entertainment on 26 March 2010
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Theater owners from all over the world gathered at the ShoWest Convention in Las Vegas to see what surefire money-making product the major Hollywood studios has in store. Here’s what they were promised.

It Never Rains
Posted in Seattle on 9 March 2010
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You’re talking about water falling from the sky in great cascades; fat raindrops smacking against windshields and rooftops. We rarely get to see anything like that up here in Seattle.

The Short and Merry Life of a Movie Critic
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 2 March 2010
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In August 2001 I became the movie critic for a daily newspaper, despite the fact that I didn’t know from German Expressionism and had no special love for “Citizen Kane.”

Life Goes On, And On: The Business of Making the Beatles Immortal
Posted in One Million Watts on 10 February 2010
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Sir Paul and Ringo understand the reality: The longevity of the Beatles requires innovation, and the boys will do what it takes to adapt their brand for survival.

Viva Lost Time! Seven Offbeat Vegas Attractions You’ve Got to See
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 5 January 2010
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There’s a world of non-gaming diversions to be discovered in and around Las Vegas, every one of them wholly unique to the city … and you can buy your way into most of them without digging too deeply into your “winnings.”

Have Yourself a Merry Little Habit
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 21 December 2009
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I celebrated my first non-denominational holiday in 1987, and it marked two occasions: My embrace of the financial model that keeps our retail infrastructure afloat, and my last real day as a Jehovah’s Witness.

Come Fly with Cheese! Helpful Air Travel Tips from Vegas Celebrities
Posted in One Million Watts on 25 November 2009
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The TSA has several not-at-all arbitrary guidelines governing air travel. Nowhere have I seen those rules and regulations more entertainingly expressed than at McCarran International Airport.