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Things We Like: Stephen Chow’s “CJ7,” Thomas Allen’s “Uncovered,” and the Creepy Horse Mask
Posted in Things We Like on 8 May 2010
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The director of “Kung-Fu Hustle” revisits the 1980s. A photographer takes his collection of pulp book covers out into the world. And that horse mask … well, you’ll see.

The Karaoke Sutra
Posted in One Million Watts on 5 May 2010
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The Buddha addressed them: “Consider, friends, the reason for this assembly. Suppose a singer were to perform in a smoky room. Would that singer smell of wine and cheap perfume?”

Things We Like: “Other Lives,” Kidrobot’s “Carnies,” and King Fausto
Posted in Things We Like on 24 April 2010
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This week: Depraved reading from Peter Bagge, tiny freaks from Kidrobot, and more love for Richard Elfman’s “Forbidden Zone.” One of us! We accept you! One of us!

Forbidden Zone: You Will Hate It
Posted in One Million Watts on 3 March 2010
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You won’t like the movie “Forbidden Zone” (1982). You shouldn’t even try to watch it. It’s filmed in black and white, offensive to little people, racist, homophobic, sexist and contains unappealing nudity

Happy Birth … er, Life Day to “The Star Wars Holiday Special!”
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 3 December 2009
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“The Star Wars Holiday Special” is so notoriously bad that it swings back over to good, ninja-kicks it in the groin, leaves good in a crumpled heap, and moves all the way back into shockingly horrible.

The Worst Celebrity Product Licenses of All Time
Posted in One Million Watts on 19 October 2009
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What was the marketing guy thinking when he hooked up The Supremes with a branded white bread deal? Pumpernickel, maybe, but white bread?