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Marshmallow vs. Marshmallow: A Halloween Throwdown
Posted in One Million Watts on 26 October 2010
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Two chocolate-covered marshmallows, both of them shaped as pumpkins. Russell Stover and Peeps. One will be declared victorious, and the other will face internet scorn.

Awesome Halloween Facts!
Posted in Lies and Entertainment on 15 October 2010
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Halloween is a mix of traditions including the Catholic All Saints Day, the Celtic Samhain Day and the ancient French holiday Secretary’s Day.

Hipster Affectations: The Next Wave
Posted in Lies and Entertainment on 12 October 2010
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Forget pocket puppies and designer kittens. Some hipsters are already filling their houses with canaries trained to sing Decemberists tunes.

Things We Like: “Vernon, Florida,” Confronting Bears, and Spock’s Ride
Posted in Things We Like on 9 October 2010
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Sure, Errol Morris has insight into the human condition … but how is he with grizzlies? Interrotron THIS, Oscar-winner! Also: A Vulcan’s pimpmobile.

Halloween Safety Tips
Posted in Lies and Entertainment on 8 October 2010
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It’s okay to have fun as long as we play it safe. These safety tips will ensure that your Halloween is all treat and no tricks!

In My Day, The Web Was…
Posted in Lies and Entertainment on 29 September 2010
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In my day, the web was small. It wasn’t even a billion pages yet. You could surf the entire thing in under a hundred years. And it was a kinder, more homey place; you knew all your neighbors.

The Ultimate Sales Letter
Posted in Lies and Entertainment on 24 September 2010
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I have merged all the sales emails I have received in the last month into one super email which is guaranteed to sell your product. Use it wisely.

Tales of the Wallingford Beast, Part 1
Posted in Lies and Entertainment on 17 September 2010
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Here at Archie McPhee we’re used to strange things happening, but these events defy explanation. Something is out there.

Awesome Panda Facts!
Posted in Lies and Entertainment on 10 September 2010
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As part of our continuing effort to rid the internet of filthy lies, we present a few incredibly well-researched and absolutely true facts about the Giant Panda.

Excerpts from H.P. Lovecraft’s Yelp Page
Posted in Lies and Entertainment on 27 August 2010
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After awakening from a troubled sleep infected with visions of demonic abstractions pitched at odd angles against an impossible landscape of stark horror, my sweet tooth hit.