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What’s That? You Need Holiday Presents?
Posted in One Million Watts on 29 November 2010
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You say it’s the holidays and you need presents for your friends and family? We have a few suggestions. Turns out this site is sponsored by Archie McPhee!

Preparing for Your First TSA Grope
Posted in Lies and Entertainment on 26 November 2010
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Attention travelers! The Transportation Security Administration is now offering your pre-flight choice of a naked photo or an “enhanced patdown.” Here’s how to prep yourself for the grope.

Things I Have Learned About Thanksgiving and Turkeys This Week on the Food Network
Posted in Lies and Entertainment on 24 November 2010
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If you watch the Food Network, you know that in the two weeks leading up to Thanksgiving they show Thanksgiving-themed programming around the clock.

Wreath Havoc!
Posted in One Million Watts on 15 November 2010
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Why can’t I just get a Styrofoam ring and make my own holiday wreath? A little hot glue and some straight pins and voila!

A Caveman’s Halloween
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 27 October 2010
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Don’t ask me if I get excited for Halloween. I spent pretty much every Halloween from birth through age 16 hiding in a cave.

Marshmallow vs. Marshmallow: A Halloween Throwdown
Posted in One Million Watts on 26 October 2010
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Two chocolate-covered marshmallows, both of them shaped as pumpkins. Russell Stover and Peeps. One will be declared victorious, and the other will face internet scorn.

Things We Like: Halloween Addict, “House of the Devil,” and Hospital Misadventures
Posted in Things We Like on 23 October 2010
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A tribute to the great horror movies of the 1980s, and a blog that evokes Ministry’s biggest disco hit. Also: Naval hospital hijinks.

Things We Like: Monkey Goggles Halloween Klassics!
Posted in Things We Like on 16 October 2010
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In honor of what may very well be our second-favorite holiday ever, the undead editors of this publication present these kreepy Halloween klassics from the Monkey Goggles vaults!

Awesome Halloween Facts!
Posted in Lies and Entertainment on 15 October 2010
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Halloween is a mix of traditions including the Catholic All Saints Day, the Celtic Samhain Day and the ancient French holiday Secretary’s Day.

And Then I Did What?
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 8 April 2010
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Surrounded by family members, the stories start to fly. A number of these stories involves me and that’s where problems arise, because my mother and I tend to remember stories differently.