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Vintage Cookbooks: Nibbler Lorraine Wishes and Tomato Aspic Dreams
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 1 March 2010
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There’s just something about old cookbooks. It’s not the recipes, although they certainly can be gems. It’s the history. It’s the handwritten notations in the margins, the dog-eared pages and the hyper-saturated photographs.

Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time
Posted in Lies and Entertainment on 5 February 2010
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Life is full of disappointments. Some are the result of personal failures (bad relationships, not being good at sports) others are self-evident (drug addiction, “Ernest Goes to Jail”). Here are a few of mine.

Posted in Lies and Entertainment on 4 December 2009
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For Thanksgiving I had ants. Tiny tiny tiny ants. About the size of this asterisk – * – and far too many to keep a close count. To be more specific, I don’t mean that my feast was invaded by unwanted unsects. No.

Cooking with Betty Crocker is Child’s Play!
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 19 November 2009
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I have a vintage cookbook addiction. I simply can’t resist any pre-1965 tome, especially one so jam-packed with line drawings not only of kids cooking “Whiz Nut Bread,” but also chickens drinking chocolate sodas.

An Accidental Tourist in Japan’s Uncanny Valley
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 4 November 2009
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In Japan, standing and reading at a newsstand is a regular pastime. It rivals sleeping on the train or simply getting drunk as the salaryman’s favorite way to unwind after work.

Ambushed by a Cuppa: Those who drink “Ronin” will think “Ronin”
Posted in One Million Watts on 2 November 2009
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I can’t watch this Robert DeNiro thriller without wanting a coffee. The beverage shows up in nearly every dialog scene. Even in the scenes where there isn’t any coffee, you can see the characters thinking, “Man, a coffee would be nice right about now.”

Seattle, je t’aime
Posted in Seattle on 13 October 2009
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I love Seattle in its every drippy molecule. Even during the gray months — which is half of them, pretty much — my love for Seattle flourishes. Just off the top of my head I can easily call off ten reasons why I’m crazy about this city.

Eat or Be Eaten: When Dining in Japan, Avoid the Stew
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 12 October 2009
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I wasn’t sure if it was possible to be allergic to organ meats, but over the course of the year I’d discovered that I was allergic to cherry blossoms, my futon and air and water in general, so my claim didn’t seem to be that far-fetched.

Leaving Spamalot: Taking a Joke Too Far
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 14 September 2009
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I’ve never eaten a single bite of Spam in my life, yet I probably have more goofy stories surrounding the iconic slab of preserved, pork product than most people living outside of Hawaii or Guam.

Confessions of a Former Fast Food Employee
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 2 September 2009
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You can blame McDonald’s for fat kids, mad cows, and Morgan Spurlock, but you’ll have to blame me, too. I was there. I made your Big Macs and poured extra salt on your fries simply for the beauty of it.