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Can Disney Re-invent the Rodent?
Posted in One Million Watts on 10 November 2009
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Mickey Mouse circa 1928 was a hellraiser. He dealt squarely with his enemies, but he also played pranks on his friends. And oh boy, do we need him back.

Things We Like: Doom Patrol, “Ghost Galaxy” and “After Hours”
Posted in Things We Like on 17 October 2009
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Disneyland’s Space Mountain is possessed by malevolent spirits, Robotman is battling a brain in a jar, and Griffin Dunne is looking for his plaster bagel paperweight. Yep, just another average week here at Monkey Goggles.

“Captain EO,” Michael Jackson and Disneyland
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 24 September 2009
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On the night the late Michael Jackson moved into Disneyland, a huge party was held. The secretive pop star had paid plenty of commando visits to the Happiest Place on Earth over the years, almost always in disguise, but on September 19, 1986 he made the Park his official home.

The Future is Just Super!
Posted in Lies and Entertainment on 3 September 2009
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“Let’s line up Eddie Murphy for a ‘Black Panther’ film. I haven’t actually read the comic but it seems like Eddie would be a good match for the material.”

The now sound of today’s electric toaster: “Walt Disney and the 1964 World’s Fair”
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 26 August 2009
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Take a musical journey to an era when Americans actually believed that humans could live in plastic houses and not feel shrink-wrapped, and that more and bigger freeways were a pretty good idea.

Know Your Talking Animals: A Quick Guide to Cartoon Actors
Posted in Things We Like on 4 August 2009
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There was once a time when the actors who provided the voices for animated characters had no faces – when Alan Reed or Eleanor Audley could go out without being mistaken for Fred Flintstone or Maleficent.