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Things We Like: “Footnotes in Gaza,” “The Short Films of Pascal Aubier” and Photos of Expo 2010
Posted in Things We Like on 5 June 2010
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Join us now for Joe Sacco’s deadly serious cartoon reporting, Pascal Aubier’s fanciful cinema and the world’s fair now happening in Shanghai.

Keep Earth Strange: Discover “Planetary”
Posted in One Million Watts on 1 June 2010
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Warren Ellis’s “Planetary” is so good that I sincerely hope that it’s never made into a film. Zack Snyder can just turn around and go home.

Things We Like: “Aquaman,” “Actual Air” and Animated Albums
Posted in Things We Like on 15 May 2010
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This week, we are contemplating things that begin with the letter A. Some of it is poetic, some of it is comic, and some of it is, er, Aquaman.

Modern Magic that Really Works! Part 1
Posted in Lies and Entertainment on 14 May 2010
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The bright beacon of science has illuminated all the dark places that magic was invented to describe and manage — but magic still exists, and you can do it.

Comics Recommended by a Guy Who Knows Nothing About Them
Posted in One Million Watts on 11 May 2010
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The things I don’t know about comic books could fill several very large graphic novels. I’m gonna tell you to read some anyway.

Things We Like: “Other Lives,” Kidrobot’s “Carnies,” and King Fausto
Posted in Things We Like on 24 April 2010
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This week: Depraved reading from Peter Bagge, tiny freaks from Kidrobot, and more love for Richard Elfman’s “Forbidden Zone.” One of us! We accept you! One of us!

In the Great Hall of the Justice League
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 18 March 2010
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No one involved in the making of Cartoon Network’s “Justice League” series behaved as if they were working on a kid’s show. These were superheroes with issues. Lots of issues.

Things We Like: Troublemakers, Turkey Monsters and Bovine Resonators
Posted in Things We Like on 20 February 2010
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If you’re susceptible to dizziness in the wake of surrealism, leery of vats of live snails, or likely to fall asleep after being eaten by turkeys, proceed with caution.

Things We Like: Moki’s Art, Comics About Comics and Robot Law
Posted in Things We Like on 30 January 2010
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It may look like a normal day, but there are geishas sleeping under blankets of rolling grass, chubby robots patrolling the streets, and funny-pages regulars padding the unemployment linee.

Things We Like: Stomping “Boots,” Kung Fu Action and “Bloom County”
Posted in Things We Like on 12 December 2009
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Nancy Sinatra walks. “Kill or Be Killed” rocks. And Opus Begins in a new archival collection of Berkeley Breathed’s classic “Bloom County” comic strips. It’s almost too much pork for one fork!