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Things We Like: “The Giant Spider Invasion,” Suntory Time, and Mannequins
Posted in Things We Like on 14 August 2010
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Giant spiders menace some hicks, Bill Murray finally understands what that Japanese director wanted, and Kobi Shaw receives a large, unusual package.

Ultimate Sci-Fi Smackdown: “Damnation Alley” vs. “The Day After Tomorrow”
Posted in One Million Watts on 12 August 2010
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Mainstream science fiction movies duel for supremacy! Matte paintings will be shattered! Previously distinguished acting careers will be lightly besmirched!

Things We Like: “Lady Terminator” and Aardman’s Commercials
Posted in Things We Like on 24 July 2010
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Straight outta Indonesia, it’s a sexy killing machine! Also: The makers of “Wallace and Gromit” pay the bills with style.

Things We Like: “Master of the Flying Guillotine” and “Magic” by The Cars
Posted in Things We Like on 10 July 2010
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What do a silly summer song from Ric Ocasek and a fight in a booby-trapped coffin factory have in common? Nothing, really, except that we like them both without shame.

Things We Like: “El Vampiro,” “Almost Silent” and “P.O.O.P.T.”
Posted in Things We Like on 25 June 2010
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“Twilight” has nada on this classic Mexican vampire film. Also this week: Comic books as silent film, and catching some winks on the subway.

Things We Like: “Bound for Glory,” “Reefer Madness” and “Parallel Lines”
Posted in Things We Like on 29 May 2010
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This week: True tales of Woody Guthrie (maybe), five short films with the exact same dialogue, and a classic exploitation flick that thinks it’s an anti-exploitation flick.

Things We Like: “The Monster That Challenged The World” and “Skynet Symphonic”
Posted in Things We Like on 17 April 2010
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Slugs threaten Southern California, and the Terminator gets funky. Yep, just another day in the life.

Things We Like: “Meanwhile,” “Stingray Sam,” and the Buddha Machine
Posted in Things We Like on 27 March 2010
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Jason Shiga invites you to choose your own adventure “ending in doom and disaster.” Cory McAbee offers a lounge singer’s view of the universe. And FM3’s single-speaker music device will mellow you right out.

Forbidden Zone: You Will Hate It
Posted in One Million Watts on 3 March 2010
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You won’t like the movie “Forbidden Zone” (1982). You shouldn’t even try to watch it. It’s filmed in black and white, offensive to little people, racist, homophobic, sexist and contains unappealing nudity