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Wolf Man on Leadership: Executive Strategies for a Doggone Difficult World

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Born a pauper, Wolf Man overcame both hardship and discrimination to become one of the leaders of today’s business world. His chain of warehouse supply outlets are the standard bearers for the industry. With a keen sense of business (as well as smell!) and a tough style, his advice is sought out by companies of all stripes. Demand for him has only increased as the economy has “gone to the dogs.” Here, we lay out his basic business philosophy in five easy steps.

1. Goal setting. Wolf Man believes that the key to success is a series of obtainable goals that lead you to a larger goal. Not only does this help with personal motivation, it makes it easier to share your goals with other people.

2. Teamwork. Wolf Man thinks that a group of people who share the same goal form an unstoppable force. Wolf Man jokingly divides his employees up into “packs” that work together to accomplish goals in competition with one another.

3. Fun. While work can often be serious, Wolf Man realizes the value of a workplace where people can play at being successful. When play and work come together, they equal passion!

4. Conquer the marketplace by finding its “silver bullet.” Wolf Man knows that the secret to success is finding the killer app that will conquer the market. Don’t compete with a product that is just a little better, enter when you have a product that will “pierce the heart of your competition.”

5. Use the Wolf Man Method (TM) to ensure success. When the moon is full, track down the children of your enemies and slaughter them while they sleep. Make sure your business competitors wake up with your cold red eyes staring into theirs as a single strand of drool falls from your blood-soaked muzzle onto their bare chest. Do not kill them, for they will carry forth a warning to others that yours is the finest forklift currently being manufactured, that your prices are very reasonable and that any that attempt to face you will merit the unmerciful rage of your curse.

Wolf Man hopes you find these tips helpful. He is available as a public speaker and personal coach.

David Wahl

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