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Things We Like: Christmas Sweaters, The Sullivan Nod, and “The Mighty Thor”

11 December 2010 Things We Like 7,455 views One CommentPrint This Post Print This Post Email This Post Email This Post

Lars Holdhus’ Christmas Sweater Collection

You think you’ve got Christmas spirit? Meet Lars Holdhus, of Holland. Young Mr. Holdhus maintains a “constantly growing” collection of Christmas sweaters, like the one meemaw gave you last Christmas and has since been sitting under the cat. Holdhus is the one person in this entire world who actually seems to like these colorful, scratchy fashion atrocities. He models them on the site, one after the other — and through sheer volume, he very nearly makes them look cool. And he’s actively searching for more of them, so there’s a chance that if you can convince the cat to part with your Christmas sweater, Lars Holdhus may make it famous. – Geoff Carter

Monkey Goggles Klassics: “Just Smile and Nod” by Kobi Shaw

From December 9, 2009: “Our manager discovered the Sullivan Nod in some mythical marketing book and we would practice our technique in mock waiting sessions. The manager and a waiter would portray customers; another waiter would pretend to be the ideal server. ‘Can I get you started with an appetizer?’ he’d ask the fake patrons with a nod of the head. And there it was, as simple as that. The nod that would convince customers that yes, they needed to have that plate of deep fried mushrooms caps with ranch dressing.” Read the rest here!

Scarecrow Video’s Pick of the Week: “The Mighty Thor: Enter Hercules” (1966)

In 1966, Marvel adapted some of Jack “The King” Kirby’s comics of Thor, Captain America and Iron Man into animated shows for kids, the visual quality of which is similar to the first shows on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. But the mood and the weight is that of an adult drama, almost too heavy for children and not at all what cartoons would eventually became, with the token comedic relief character and such.

The “Mighty Thor” episode “Enter Hercules” finds Thor, the God of Thunder, getting his dad Odin mad by falling in love with a mortal woman. As punishment, Odin tries to get Thor smitten by his fellow Gods. Hercules is eventually sent to Earth where he and Thor battle over Jane, Thor’s love. Thor ends up being a plaything, emotionally and physically, for both Jane and Odin in the end. I cannot recommend this more. You may like it ironically, or honestly like I do. – Marc “Swellzombie” Palm


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  1. No pictures of the sweaters? And punching the “Just Smile and Nod” title gives you the other day’s STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL again. Great though that is.

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