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Things We Like: “The Star Wars Holiday Special” and “Blood Diner”

4 December 2010 Things We Like 3,798 views No CommentPrint This Post Print This Post Email This Post Email This Post

Monkey Goggles Klassics: “Happy Birth … er, Life Day to ‘The Star Wars Holiday Special'” by Paxton Holley

From December 3, 2009: “‘The Star Wars Holiday Special’ is legendary amongst ‘Star Wars’ fans. Created to bridge the gap between the first ‘Star Wars’ movie in 1977 and its 1980 sequel ‘The Empire Strikes Back,’ ‘The Star Wars Holiday Special’ only aired once and immediately rocketed to infamy by being so notoriously bad that it swings back over to good, ninja-kicks it in the groin, leaves good in a crumpled heap, and moves all the way back into shockingly horrible. To sit and watch the two hours of boring insanity contained within the Holiday Special is like an endurance trial for hardcore ‘Star Wars’ fans. The awkwardly-inserted musical numbers and endlessly boring live-action scenes combine to create a perfect storm of awfulness. Not surprisingly, George Lucas hates the Holiday Special.” Read the rest here!

Scarecrow Video’s Pick of the Week: “Blood Diner” (1987), directed by Jackie Kong

If you took the classic 1963 “Blood Feast” from H.G. Lewis and gave it a 1980s make-over, you’d end up with “Blood Diner.” I’m not saying that’s what director Jackie Kong set out to do, but she did however make a hilariously entertaining horror film about the resurrection of the god Sheetar. It starts with a couple of young boys being visited by their psychopathic uncle and giving them amulets to remember him by. Flash-forward to the present day, where they dig out the brain of their uncle’s buried corpse and put into a jar so it can tell them how to do the ritual that will bring Sheetar back to life. During the day, the brothers run a popular vegetarian diner, and at night, they gather women’s body parts. Sheetar is resurrected and hell breaks loose. This movie doesn’t fail! It’s got everything one could want in comedy horror film from the 1980s. – Marc “Swellzombie” Palm

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