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Things We Like: “Glitter Freeze,” Cooking with Betty and “World’s Greatest Sinner”

20 November 2010 Things We Like 3,919 views No CommentPrint This Post Print This Post Email This Post Email This Post

Scarecrow Video’s Pick of the Week: “The World’s Greatest Sinner” (1962), directed by Timothy Carey

You don’t have to be a Timothy Carey fan to enjoy the bizarre, one-of-a-kind “The World’s Greatest Sinner,” but it probably helps. This dream project for the unusual actor (who worked with everybody from John Cassavetes to William Asher) is a wild social satire made on a shoestring budget. Most scenes are poorly-lit, and the sound quality varies wildly, but if you can get over these shortcomings you’ll be treated to the crazy story of a man who changes his name to God (but keeps his last name, so his new moniker is God Hilliard), then becomes a rock star/public speaker, makes a deal with the devil, and runs for political office. Carey spends much of the movie making out with women of various ages, ranging from teenagers to sixty-somethings. The best parts are his musical performances, where he strums one guitar string, shakes his body and shouts, “Please! Please! Please! Take My Heart!” and then crowd-surfs.- Spenser Hoyt

Monkey Goggles Klassics: “Cooking with Betty Crocker is Child’s Play!” by Lorien Gruchalla

From November 19, 2009: “It started out simply enough. On a trip to Vashon Island, I picked up a copy of Betty Crocker’s Cookbook for Boys and Girls, circa 1957. Upon first reading, its recipes seem pretty simple; I figured I could make any of them blindfolded. When it came to actually making the recipes, though, everything fell apart.” Read the rest here!

“Glitter Freeze” by Gorillaz

I love the Damon Albarn/Jamie Hewlett Gorillaz project for a number of reasons. Gorillaz meld rock and hip-hop so seamlessly that there hardly seems a point distinguishing between the two. And the duo routinely throw work to musical legends who have slipped below the radar: Bobby Womack, Tina Wemouth, Mick Jones, Neneh Cherry, Ike Turner, Dennis Hopper, Lou Reed and a host of others have donned the ape suit at one time or another. Mostly, though, I love the Gorillaz because, every five years or so, they make a rash of insanely funky music, and some thoroughly psychedelic videos to go with them.

“Glitter Freeze,” a track from the band’s “Plastic Beach” LP, features The Fall’s Mark E. Smith ranting over an electro-stomp that could have been recorded in 1981. (My friend Geof nailed it when he said that it reminded him of very early Human League). It’s not often that I hear a dance track good enough to send back through time to the days I actually went dancing in clubs, but I wish I could send “Glitter Freeze” back to the mid-1980s, where my friends and I could stomp about to it in clubs — and spend hours puzzling over the true meaning of that flying pirate ship in the video. Today, I know exactly what it means: crank this monster up and prepare to be boarded. – Geoff Carter


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