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Things We Like: Halloween Addict, “House of the Devil,” and Hospital Misadventures

23 October 2010 Things We Like 4,388 views One CommentPrint This Post Print This Post Email This Post Email This Post

Scarecrow Video’s Pick of the Week: “The House of the Devil” (2009), directed by Ti West

A homage to the glory days of 1970s/1980s horror films, 2009’s “The House of the Devil” is available on DVD as well as VHS — a distinction practically unheard of in the 21st Century. Fortunately, this is also one of those tribute films that’s just as good as the movies that inspired it … if not better. The plot combines “satanism in the suburbs” with “babysitters in peril” (both popular 1970s horror themes) and unfolds with a deliberate slow burn pacing that, for me, is much more preferable and scary than the modern “ultra-violent” approach.

Jocelin Donahue, who reminds me of a young Karen Allen, plays a college student desperate to make some extra money, taking a babysitting job from a couple of creeps (Tom Noonan and Mary Woronov) during a lunar eclipse. Upcoming actress Greta Gerwig portrays her suspicious friend, and 1980s horror veteran (and E.T.’s “mom”) Dee Wallace shows up as a potentially sinister landlady. The entire cast’s performances are pitch-perfect with Noonan being particularly spooky. If you didn’t know this was made in 2009, you’d think “House of the Devil” was some long lost film from ‘82. High praise indeed! – Spenser Hoyt

Halloween Addict

This fun blog lives and breathes Halloween every single day of the year, just like in that Ministry song. Links to spooky music, movies, costumes, decorations — it’s all here, just waiting to get your blood going. One week to go! – Geoff Carter

Monkey Goggles Klassics: “Portrait of a Young Navy Medic” by Marc Eisenmann

From October 20, 2009: “The Rathskeller was a sailor’s bar that had one, and only one, tradition: There had to be at least one fight per night. If there hadn’t been a fight by closing time, one or more of the sailors would just cold-cock someone with a beer bottle or whatever was handy, including pool balls, cue sticks or barstools. The tough ones just used their mangled hands. It was bad luck not to have a fight.” Read the rest here!

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