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Things We Like: Great Record Stores, Blaze Orange and “Airport 1975″

25 September 2010 Things We Like 3,765 views No CommentPrint This Post Print This Post Email This Post Email This Post

Rolling Stone’s list of the 25 Best Record Stores in the USA

I know, I know — Rolling Stone is an abomination, a classic rock zombie flash mob that will not die, even as the music industry dies around it. But they do manage to get off a good riff every now and again, like Matt Taibbi’s blog the photo gallery that accompanied a recent “Mad Men” cover story, and this spotlight on the 25 best independent record stores in America. Granted, every indie record store that’s still open deserves a medal, but there’s something about these 25 that make me feel extra-good about buying music on vinyl — and I’m not just saying that because Rolling Stone managed to pick three Seattle record stores, namely Sonic Boom (Ballard), Jive Time (Fremont) and Easy Street (West Seattle). We’re tied with Chicago, baby. Oh yeah, Seattle is awesome. – Geoff Carter

Scarecrow Video’s Pick of the Week: “Airport 1975″ (1974), directed by Jack Smight

It’s tough to watch the “Airport” movies in a post-“Airplane!” world, but the weird thing about Jack “Damnation Alley” Smight’s “Airport 1975″ is that it’s almost as funny as the David Zucker/Jim Abrahams/Jerry Zucker movie that parodied it. The first “Airport” movie, based on a story by Arthur Hailey (as was “Airplane!”, after a fashion), is essentially a soap opera in the sky that follows in the grand Hollywood tradition of a big cast of has-beens in a bloated movie version of a crappy bestseller. The first sequel to “Airport” takes a page out of the disaster film genre and also throws in all sorts of oddball characters including a singing nun (Helen Reddy) a sick kid (Linda Blair, between “Exorcist” movies), an overacting (as usual) Charlton Heston and the requisite group of washed-up actors. Dana Andrews has a heart attack, crashes his small plane into a big jumbo jet and kills pilot Roy Thinnes (who flies out the window), so a cross-eyed stewardess (Karen Black) has to land the sucker. There are too many “stars” to list, but my favorite is a trio of drunken slobs played by Jerry Stiller, Norman Fell and Conrad Janis.- Spenser Hoyt

Monkey Goggles Klassics: “Oh Deer, What to Wear This Fall?” by Kobi Shaw

From September 22, 2009: “I don’t need to hear what fashionistas are proclaiming this fall’s ‘in’ color. At my home in Wisconsin, it’s orange. Blaze orange, just like it is every fall. I see it in all of the local stores. I see it hanging from trees and porches as I drive long stretches of country road. I see blaze orange jumpsuits swinging in the breeze, airing out in anticipation of the upcoming deer hunting season.” Read the rest here!


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