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Things We Like: “The Giant Claw,” Plant Tips and Inglourious Geekery

28 August 2010 Things We Like 6,583 views 2 CommentsPrint This Post Print This Post Email This Post Email This Post

Scarecrow Video’s Pick of the Week: “The Giant Claw” (1957), directed by Fred F. Sears

“The Giant Claw” features one of the funniest and stupidest movie monsters ever! A giant buzzard (“as big as a battleship”) escapes from an alternate dimension and causes fear and panic on Earth (as an overblown narration tells us, again and again). The monster is an obvious paper-mache marionette and gets lots of screen time as it attacks airplanes and chomps on parachutists.

A drunk, lecherous scientist played by Jeff Morrow, who constantly hits on a woman half his age, teams with a military officer (Morris Ankrum) in order to devise an “atomic cannon” to destroy the bird’s protective force field and then destroy the bird himself. I’m not sure if it is intentional, but at times, “The Giant Claw” comes across as an “Airplane!”-style spoof of the 1950s monster movie genre. – Spenser Hoyt

Monkey Goggles Klassics: “Quentin Tarantino: Revenge is a Dish Best Served Nerd” by David Wahl

From August 17, 2009: “I love to talk to people like (Tarantino). I get caught up in the burning passion they feel whether they are talking about movies or dollhouse miniatures. Once they get going, the pretense of normalcy drops and the pure nerd within burns as brightly as E.T.’s finger and shoots out like the webbing from the movie-version Peter Parker’s wrists.” Read the rest here!

“Sesame Street” animation: “Plants need water, man.”

I wish I could tell you who created this animation for “Sesame Street,” circa 1980-something. I also wish I could tell you who provides the voices of its characters, and why they decided to play it like a Cheech and Chong skit. Perhaps you’ve got some answers for me; if so, I’d love to hear them. And I’ve also got some houseplants I could use some help with. – Geoff Carter

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  1. According to http://muppet.wikia.com/wiki/Episode_3905 , Elwood Smith did the animation. Let the mad Google begin!

  2. “The Giant Claw” is what you got when you outsourced your SPFX to a Danish company. Hey! Let’s hear it for “Reptilicus!” Another puppet monster from Denmark. They are so bad. I love’em.

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