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Things We Like: “Lady Terminator” and Aardman’s Commercials

24 July 2010 Things We Like 6,629 views One CommentPrint This Post Print This Post Email This Post Email This Post

Scarecrow Video’s Pick of the Week: “Lady Terminator” (1988), directed by H. Tjut Djalil

There’s a ancient legend, a libido that doesn’t quit, a curse, special jewelry, one mystic blade, laser eyes and a whole lot of bullets. Minus the bullets, one wouldn’t think that this is a knockoff of James Cameron’s robot-from-the-future masterpiece. However, “Lady Terminator” — originally called “Nasty Hunter” — comes right out of Indonesia with a new twist on both the Legend of the South Sea Queen and the “Terminator” films.

In the beginning the South Sea Queen tries to be satisfied sexually, and one of her suitors attempts to control her. Annoyed, she curses his great granddaughter. The curse falls upon an anthropologist in 1980’s Indonesia who becomes possessed by the South Sea Queen. Her quest to find a good lay (and some jewelry) leads her to hunt a pop star with a special necklace that is being protected by Max, an American cop.

The main beats are there with some details changed for this particular story. But everything you expect from a “Terminator” movie — from a night club scene, to a police station shoot-out, to an eyeball removal scene — has been re-interpreted, with a female possession in place of a masculine robot. It all works for me, though. There’s the absurdity of scenes that are completely stolen, there are some mystic light shows, there are super long gun fights and explosions, and who can’t appreciate a possessed woman killing with sex? I don’t know if there’s a better knock-off out there. – Marc “Swellzombie” Palm

Aardman’s Commercials Channel on YouTube

British studio Aardman has created a lot of memorable animated shorts and films over the years, including Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer” video, “Chicken Run,” and of course, the exquisite “Wallace and Gromit” films. But a media company can’t subsist on love of art alone (except for Pixar, and they can’t be human), and it’s unsurprising that Aardman, easily the best stop-motion animation house in the universe, has also made its mark in commercials. The company’s official YouTube gathers together many of their best commercial works, including their Chevron “talking car” ads, their Hotels.com ads (voice of Ed Helms, innit?), and best of all, the hilarious “Purple and Brown” shorts they made for Nickelodeon. In crafting these wholly unique ads, Aardman proves that there’s a way to pay the bills, and there’s a way to pay the bills. – Geoff Carter

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  1. Always loved Lady Terminator! The star, Barbara Anne Constable, recently agreed to a first-ever interview regarding her role in the iconic movie. You can find that interview here:

    You can also watch a lecture about the movie and the wild cinema coming out of Indonesia at the time (“Lady Terminator and the Golden Age of Indonesian Exploitation”). The lecture was given by yours truly at Facets Multimedia in Chicago in Feb. of this year:


    Finally, we ask those who love the movie to join the Facebook group, “Lady Terminator Appreciation Society” to help spread the word about this great film. It deserves a type of Troll 2 or The Room cult success for Barbara and others involved in its making!

    Lew Ojeda

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