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Things We Like: Holiday Mash-ups, Stan & Ollie and Typin’ Monkeys

24 December 2009 Things We Like 4,965 views One CommentPrint This Post Print This Post Email This Post Email This Post

We’re running “Things We Like” a little early this week so the Monkey Goggles crew can take the holiday weekend off. Have a great holiday, and we’ll see you back here on Monday, December 28!

“A Very Bootie Christmas” and “A Very Bootie Christmas 2″

Admit it: You’re sick of Christmas music. You know you are. Who in the hell is Parson Brown, and what’s it his business if we’re married or not? Can the kiss of rolled-up newspaper deter Jack Frost from his insistent nipping? Is figgy pudding the best we can do, or did somebody bring a cheesecake?

Thankfully, there’s free relief in the offing. A consortium of concerned DJs has provided not one, but two free albums of holiday-themed mash-ups, both of which are available for download (FREE!) here. I don’t want to say who is mashed up with what because I don’t anybody to get sued, but I will say that DJ John’s “Lonely Siberian Winter” — the collision of an overrated prog rock “orchestra,” an enduring ballad by a certain British quartet, and the still-beating heart of a late pop superstar — has the kick of flammable eggnog. And it’s FREE!, along with a number of other equally-tight holiday booty-shakers.

On a related note: I’d like Blue Scholars’ “Coffee and Snow” to become a winter standard. (Warning: It contains some NSFW language.) The Seattle-based duo recorded the song in the midst of last year’s “Snowpocalypse,” and if it isn’t one the most dreamy and affecting hip-hop numbers you’ve ever heard I’ll eat your snowman’s hat and carrot. – Geoff Carter

Scarecrow Video’s Movie of the Week: “Sons of the Desert” (1933), directed by William A. Seiter

This has to be my favorite Laurel and Hardy film. A lot of fans single out “Sons of the Desert,” but while there is a lot to love about that film, it is “Way Out West” that makes me laugh the hardest. Out of all their features “Way Out West” comes closest to capturing the freewheeling slapstick of the duo’s shorts. Stan and Ollie make the anticipated trip way out west to deliver the deed to a gold mine but end up giving it to an impostor and then have to retrieve it from a crafty saloon singer and her shifty accomplice (James Finlayson, master of the double take and the speaker of the first “D’Oh!”).

The funny scenes are plentiful and include a frantic, tickle-filled battle for the deed and another when Ollie gets his head stuck in a trap door. The boys also offer up a cute little shuffle in front of some obvious rear projection. – Spenser Hoyt

Monkey Goggles’ Contributors

It’s the season for giving and I want to thank a few of our contributors for their articles this year by referring you to other spots where you can read their amazing stuff. Geoff Carter, Viceroy of Monkey Goggles, writes the always great Seattle Spellout. Allee Willis has her amazing Museum of Kitsch, but I’m addicted to her Kitsch O The Day Blog. Kirk Demarais shares his brilliance at Secret Fun Blog, currently featuring his Lost family portrait. Paxton Holley is ever awesome on the Cavalcade of Awesome. Bija Andrew Wright talks about Nirvana while striving for illumination at his Zen Blog. John Faga brings all the funny and none of the die at his Funny Or Die page. Gregory Crosby’s Speaking Picture has a great piece to say. Our Southern correspondent Mark Shaffer is a high man at Lowcountry Weekly. Shannon and Matt’s Seattle Geekly podcast is a must for anyone who loves Seattle or anything with aliens in it. Curt Purcell writes the thoroughly excellent Groovy Age of Horror blog (mind the NSFW pictures). Shawn Robare may have been Branded in the 80s, but he’s a great read in the here and now. Shel Carrigan rides a wild Surfing Pizza.

And of course, we’d encourage you to read Marc Carvajal, Marc Eisenmann, Christian Fulghum, Lorien Gruchalla, B. James, Pat Jankiewicz, Lily Pahlow, Henrik Pascha and Kobi Shaw wherever and whenever you can. – David Wahl

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