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A Perfect Hair Interlude
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 30 September 2010
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In 1990 I met the captain of David Copperfield’s dance team. She was shopping for atmospheric music to back up the boss’ vanishing-widget shtick, and I volunteered to make him a tape.

In My Day, The Web Was…
Posted in Lies and Entertainment on 29 September 2010
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In my day, the web was small. It wasn’t even a billion pages yet. You could surf the entire thing in under a hundred years. And it was a kinder, more homey place; you knew all your neighbors.

The Shoe-Petter Incident
Posted in Seattle on 28 September 2010
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For a number of years, my favorite shoes were a pair of slip-on Vans. These were not just your average Spicoli-styled Vans, but leopard-print cowhide Vans. They, um, attracted attention.

Stupid Dreams I Have Had About Celebrities
Posted in Lies and Entertainment on 27 September 2010
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Cloris Leachman appeared in my dreams last night. I’m always happy to see her, and heaven knows she deserves as many roles as she can get.

Things We Like: Great Record Stores, Blaze Orange and “Airport 1975″
Posted in Things We Like on 25 September 2010
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What do deer hunting and airport ground crews have in common? Only the most obnoxious color in the spectrum.

The Ultimate Sales Letter
Posted in Lies and Entertainment on 24 September 2010
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I have merged all the sales emails I have received in the last month into one super email which is guaranteed to sell your product. Use it wisely.

A Dozen Reasons to Give Money to the Library
Posted in Seattle on 23 September 2010
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Seattle Public Library is always in need of operating and procurement funds, but rarely more than now. Use of the libraries is way up, and capital is way, way down.

Jack Skellington, Go Home
Posted in One Million Watts on 22 September 2010
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“The Nightmare Before Christmas,” the stop-motion animated movie, is wonderful. “Haunted Mansion Holiday,” the Disneyland semi-attraction based on the movie, is the precise opposite.

Why Aren’t You Watching “Fringe?”
Posted in One Million Watts on 21 September 2010
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What I especially like about “Fringe,” beyond its general brilliance, is that the female characters have agency — their own strength and intelligence.

Again with The Suburbs? Really?
Posted in One Million Watts on 20 September 2010
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If suburbia is so horrible, why do most people now live there? The Arcade Fire doesn’t answer the question, so I’ll give it a shot.