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Airborne Thoughts on Hometown Pride
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 20 July 2010
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Every day I feel what it is to be a Las Vegan — to be underestimated at every turn, to be judged a hard-drinking frat boy, to be thought artless and bereft. And I use it to my advantage.

The Dustbin of Million-Dollar Ideas
Posted in Lies and Entertainment on 19 July 2010
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I should be a millionaire several times over by this point in my life. Scores of venture capitalists should be clamoring to take me to lunch, and I’ll tell you why.

Things We Like: “Sweetie” and Freddie Mercury at Live Aid
Posted in Things We Like on 17 July 2010
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This week we remember one of our favorite rock stars, and Jane Campion’s 1989 dark comedy “Sweetie” takes root.

A Guide to Practical Jokes, Part 1
Posted in Lies and Entertainment on 16 July 2010
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Here are the skills you’ll need to become the world’s greatest practical joker. Just like basic training in the Army, you’ll learn a set of skills that will take you from Private Pitiful to Colonel Cutup!

The Majesty of Toast
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 15 July 2010
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You know what’s awesome? Toast. I’m so smitten with it that I have a tattoo of a toaster on my left arm. When people inquire after its significance, all I say is this: “I like toast.”

I Was a Teenage Art Prodigy (and I Didn’t Care)
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 14 July 2010
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The late pop artist Ray Johnson once sent me some art, which I may have floating around in storage. If I kept it at all.

The Seattle I Brag About
Posted in Seattle on 13 July 2010
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I don’t really need to explain my love of Las Vegas or Bangkok to my friends. Seattle, however, is a tougher sell.

Geek Fire (with discussion questions)
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 12 July 2010
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“Everyone starts out as a Nerd, usually in junior high, and either progresses through Dorkdom in high school towards Geekdom or alas remains trapped as a Nerd well into adulthood.”

Things We Like: “Master of the Flying Guillotine” and “Magic” by The Cars
Posted in Things We Like on 10 July 2010
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What do a silly summer song from Ric Ocasek and a fight in a booby-trapped coffin factory have in common? Nothing, really, except that we like them both without shame.

Articles I Was Going to Write, But Didn’t
Posted in Lies and Entertainment on 9 July 2010
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I’ve written a bunch of pieces that I thought would be perfect for this site, but then I realized I couldn’t actually publish any of them. Still, there’s no harm in describing them. I think.