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To Helen Back on a Friday Night
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 19 May 2010
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The multiple TVs are tuned to sporting events but nobody is watching. Next to me is a cute blonde with a thousand-mile stare.

Chivalry in the Time of Zombies
Posted in One Million Watts on 18 May 2010
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If someone wants to hold the door for me, fine, I’ll let them. Until the Zombie Apocalypse starts.

Station to Station: The Joys of America’s Trains
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 17 May 2010
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I’m not a person who’s driven by rhythm. But two forces have long had a hold on me: the almost physical pull of the ocean waves at the shore, and the rocking rumble of a train car.

Things We Like: “Aquaman,” “Actual Air” and Animated Albums
Posted in Things We Like on 15 May 2010
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This week, we are contemplating things that begin with the letter A. Some of it is poetic, some of it is comic, and some of it is, er, Aquaman.

Modern Magic that Really Works! Part 1
Posted in Lies and Entertainment on 14 May 2010
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The bright beacon of science has illuminated all the dark places that magic was invented to describe and manage — but magic still exists, and you can do it.

Have I Really Been on LiveJournal for Ten Years?
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 13 May 2010
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On May 5, 2010, my LiveJournal account turned ten years old. I completely failed to note the occasion — not even on Facebook, which is a big part of the reason I’m neglecting my LJ. Won’t do at all.

Scenes from Vanishing Seattle
Posted in Seattle on 12 May 2010
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I haven’t been in Seattle very long. But I have been here long enough to see dozens of local institutions come and go — and I have the photographs to prove it.

Comics Recommended by a Guy Who Knows Nothing About Them
Posted in One Million Watts on 11 May 2010
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The things I don’t know about comic books could fill several very large graphic novels. I’m gonna tell you to read some anyway.

The Scrabble Variations
Posted in One Million Watts on 10 May 2010
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Scrabble leaves a lot to the luck of the draw. You can have the biggest and best vocabulary in the world, but it won’t do you any good if you’re stuck with XPQDWLS.

Things We Like: Stephen Chow’s “CJ7,” Thomas Allen’s “Uncovered,” and the Creepy Horse Mask
Posted in Things We Like on 8 May 2010
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The director of “Kung-Fu Hustle” revisits the 1980s. A photographer takes his collection of pulp book covers out into the world. And that horse mask … well, you’ll see.