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The Go-To Joke
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 31 May 2010
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Funny people have the enviable talent of making comedy look easy. They do this partly by mentally filing a set of potentially funny references, then referring to them when the time is right.

Things We Like: “Bound for Glory,” “Reefer Madness” and “Parallel Lines”
Posted in Things We Like on 29 May 2010
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This week: True tales of Woody Guthrie (maybe), five short films with the exact same dialogue, and a classic exploitation flick that thinks it’s an anti-exploitation flick.

Your Favorite Movies, Ruined by Some Jerk on a Cell Phone
Posted in Lies and Entertainment on 28 May 2010
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Deckard easily tracks down all four Replicants in the film’s first half-hour by watching their Foursquare updates on his Nexus One. “Roy B. just checked into Chew’s Eye Works.”

I Almost Ate Cobra
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 27 May 2010
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The days leading up to Tet must mark a lull in national cobra consumption. Despite it being lunchtime, there was not a person in the place, save the bored-looking older couple who ran it.

The Games That People Play
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 26 May 2010
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I couldn’t wait to share my favorite board games with my kids. I was certain they would love them the same way I did. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened.

Send “Tucker & Dale” to Yale!
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 25 May 2010
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As the college kids swim naked in a lake near the cabin, the mountain men descend on the party and gruesome deaths ensue. But let’s hear the other side of the story, shall we?

But Have You Heard the Cover Version?
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 24 May 2010
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Reinvention, pastiche, novelty, call it what you will – cover songs are an entirely other way of listening to some already great music.

Things We Like: “The Rehearsal,” “O Escorpião Escarlate” and LPs in Paperback
Posted in Things We Like on 22 May 2010
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Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear, when we judged albums by their covers, novels were free to become stage plays and the Scarlet Scorpion rode free.

Showbiz Stories from Artie Glimmer
Posted in Lies and Entertainment on 21 May 2010
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When I moved into my new house, imagine my surprise in finding out that my new neighbor was once a Hollywood agent. Here are a few of the stories he has shared with me so far.

Look into the Dream Portals of Chris Berens
Posted in One Million Watts on 20 May 2010
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The paintings of Dutch artist Chris Berens feel like incredible glimpses into another person’s dreams. Everything is soft, distorted and unfocused.