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Ten Luminous Liars: My Favorite Cinematic Crooks and Con Artists
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 31 March 2010
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Confidence men and thieves are abundant in the real world, and nearly of them are despicable human beings. In movies, however, these crooks display an ability I often wish I had: to save their own skins through storytelling.

Humbug! Or, A Defense of Fraud
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 30 March 2010
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The great showman P.T. Barnum once wrote a book collecting together stories of historical lies and frauds. Barnum wouldn’t like to hear me use the word “fraud,” however — he preferred “humbug.”

Natural Prankster
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 29 March 2010
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I discovered two rows of worker ants, one entering and one returning outside. I cringed as I imagined what they had found. A salsa spill? A forgotten stash of unwanted licorice jellybeans? A corpse?

Things We Like: “Meanwhile,” “Stingray Sam,” and the Buddha Machine
Posted in Things We Like on 27 March 2010
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Jason Shiga invites you to choose your own adventure “ending in doom and disaster.” Cory McAbee offers a lounge singer’s view of the universe. And FM3’s single-speaker music device will mellow you right out.

You Asked For It: Hollywood Edition
Posted in Lies and Entertainment on 26 March 2010
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Theater owners from all over the world gathered at the ShoWest Convention in Las Vegas to see what surefire money-making product the major Hollywood studios has in store. Here’s what they were promised.

You Are Not Alone. We Are Devo.
Posted in One Million Watts on 25 March 2010
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I walked into the music shop without any thought of actually buying something. I knew I enjoyed the Beatles, but not much beyond that. Then a cassette tape whispered a message directly in my ear.

Visiting the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, CA
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 24 March 2010
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The grounds of Disney’s Burbank studios is an odd place; it seems to have more in common with a small college than a big Hollywood studio. And the commissary serves one wicked bowl of chili.

What Type of Pizza is Right For You?
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 23 March 2010
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Cheese is my Prozac. There are delicious bits of cheesy goodness that will cure any and all ills, and chief among these cheesy medications is pizza. But what style?

Five Strategies for Increasing Your Creativity
Posted in One Million Watts on 22 March 2010
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When people find out I work at Archie McPhee, it often prompts the question, “How do you get your ideas?” Here are a few of our strategies that you might be able to apply to your own projects.

Things We Like: Preston Sturges and The Flashbulb
Posted in Things We Like on 20 March 2010
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“The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek” runs hilariously afoul of patriotism and public decency. Also: Discover the moody, cinematic sounds of The Flashbulb’s Benn Jordan.