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Guadalajara Jack and the Ghosts of the Spanish Kitchen
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 16 February 2010
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What was it that made Fairfax a vortex of such characters? Was it the food, the bookstores, the music, or the presence of ghosts?

Remembering the 1980 Animalympics
Posted in One Million Watts on 15 February 2010
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What has become of the Kurt Wuffners of yesteryear? The Kit Mambos? What about that Asian duck who took home a gold in interbeast kung-fu gymnastics? He had style.

Things We Like: Floating Fish, Erudite Personal Ads and Zebra Crossings
Posted in Things We Like on 13 February 2010
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Why did the floating fish cross the road? Because they were late for a hot gas station date with a drooling psychopath. Trust us, it all makes sense in context.

Awesome Apple iPad Facts!
Posted in Lies and Entertainment on 12 February 2010
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The idea for the iPad came to Steve Jobs in a dream that featured Ricardo Montalban in a Jamba Juice uniform riding a unicycle while juggling Bea Arthur’s dentures.

Coffeehouse WiFi: Do’s and Don’ts
Posted in Seattle on 11 February 2010
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I have a dedicated home office, where lives a rustic Dell and two cats engaged in an endless screaming match. But if I actually want to get a lot of work done, I pack up and head to the nearest coffeehouse.

Life Goes On, And On: The Business of Making the Beatles Immortal
Posted in One Million Watts on 10 February 2010
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Sir Paul and Ringo understand the reality: The longevity of the Beatles requires innovation, and the boys will do what it takes to adapt their brand for survival.

Remembering Fairfax: Dachau Survivors, Bob Dylan and Falafel
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 9 February 2010
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For about five years during the 1970s, a square mile of earth in Hollywood, CA., centered around North Fairfax Avenue between Beverly and Melrose, saw an amazing confluence of people passing through.

EPCOT, When It Sizzled
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 8 February 2010
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Uncle Walt didn’t want a world’s fair-type theme park hinting at a possible future; he wanted to make the actual future, and to move people into it. But the world’s fair idea worked — at least for a while.

Things We Like: Magic Elbows and (Tiny) People Watching
Posted in Things We Like on 6 February 2010
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The next time you’re at Walmart, practicing your half-assed martial arts on an inch-high devil in a cheap costume, remember: It’s possible you’re being filmed.

Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time
Posted in Lies and Entertainment on 5 February 2010
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Life is full of disappointments. Some are the result of personal failures (bad relationships, not being good at sports) others are self-evident (drug addiction, “Ernest Goes to Jail”). Here are a few of mine.