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Bang Guns and Wolf Men: Exploring M. Gordon Novelty Shop
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 17 November 2009
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I knew I’d found it when I saw a blue building with a black-and-white Wolfman poster hanging in its window, assuring me that I was about to be in the best possible place.

In Which the Author Becomes Rich and Also Famous
Posted in One Million Watts on 16 November 2009
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It took me a moment to recognize Robin Leach. Somehow he managed to hold the attention of a beautiful woman while looking like the proverbial unmade bed.

Things We Like: Stunt Birds, Push-Button Coffee and Disaster!
Posted in Things We Like on 14 November 2009
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We ask you to believe that birds can fight fires, that the sweet muck in that 7-11 Domo cup is worth drinking, and that the end of the world has a beat you can dance to. Believe!

Superstitions for the Modern Era
Posted in Lies and Entertainment on 13 November 2009
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If you see a penny and pick it up, you’ll soon be visited by a woman with a bouffant hairdo, a stack of money with googly eyes, and that one guy from “24,” all of whom will implore you to change your auto insurance to another carrier.

Man with a Mural Mission: Meet Ryan Henry Ward
Posted in Seattle on 12 November 2009
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As you read these words, a superhero cat has saved a pit bull. A goat has learned a new song on his guitar. And Ryan Henry Ward has probably created another mural on a Seattle wall.

The Root of Archie McPhee
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 11 November 2009
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Having been born and raised in Ohio, I understand boredom in a profound way. In 1963, the two most exciting things in my life were my $3.98 “Made In Japan” transistor radio with a fake leather case and Whitey, my albino hamster.

Can Disney Re-invent the Rodent?
Posted in One Million Watts on 10 November 2009
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Mickey Mouse circa 1928 was a hellraiser. He dealt squarely with his enemies, but he also played pranks on his friends. And oh boy, do we need him back.

My Federal Way Safeway Shopping Errand Was Ruined
Posted in Seattle on 9 November 2009
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I like to challenge myself to use the smaller plastic hand baskets as opposed to the large metal carts. The carts create a barrier around oneself and prevent the opportunity for real human moments.

Things We Like: Gabriel Bá’s Comic Art, Beard Revue and the Japanese Spider-Man
Posted in Things We Like on 7 November 2009
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In a world in which a UFO-powered Spider-Man rides motorcycles and wrestlers clobber giant space squids, who are we to say that your beard is weird?

Confession: I Don’t Know Who Won the World Series
Posted in Lies and Entertainment on 6 November 2009
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It’s difficult to be a man in America and know nothing about sports. I can’t tell you the name of more than two or three baseball players and I have to think to remember the name of the football team in the city where I live. I am an aberration, a sports hating mutant doomed to walk the Earth completely unable to communicate with a large portion of the US population.