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Space Mountain Forever
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 30 November 2009
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In the year 1977, New York had a blackout, punk and disco exploded in our big, fat, stupid faces, and George Lucas’ “Star Wars” and Disneyland’s Space Mountain opened within two scant days of each other. Coincidence? I think not.

Things We Like: TV Icons, Toilet Roll Covers and Victorian Ghostbusting
Posted in Things We Like on 28 November 2009
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We’ve got door-busters for ya! Knitted sheaths for your toilet paper! Mandrake plants trained by Leslie Nielsen! And all the Pat Robertson you can eat!

Archie McPhee and Monkey Goggles
Posted in One Million Watts on 27 November 2009
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Your support of Archie McPhee will help us to make sure that Monkey Goggles continues entertaining you, irritating you and recharging your libido with goat glands implanted just under the skin.

Come Fly with Cheese! Helpful Air Travel Tips from Vegas Celebrities
Posted in One Million Watts on 25 November 2009
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The TSA has several not-at-all arbitrary guidelines governing air travel. Nowhere have I seen those rules and regulations more entertainingly expressed than at McCarran International Airport.

Long Live the Spirograph!
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 24 November 2009
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Using a Spirograph is a lot like those Chose Your Own Adventure books of the 1980s. You kinda know where you ‘re going, and you kinda know how you’ll get there, but the journey is where the fun is.

Aphorisms Found in an Aging Pop Critic’s Notebook
Posted in One Million Watts on 23 November 2009
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Such an amorphous and vague term as “emo” isn’t very descriptive (isn’t half of all pop whiny, self-pitying and neurotic?), but since the phrase doesn’t attach itself to any bands that one likes, one feels safe in ignoring it.

Things We Like: Latchkey Sociopaths, Fast Reading and Muffler Men
Posted in Things We Like on 21 November 2009
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You don’t have to be a 25-foot-tall cowboy to read 90 books in less than a week. Nor can you ever be too big to be scared witless of Jodie Foster.

News We Wish Were True: Thousands Flock to Batman’s Birthplace
Posted in Lies and Entertainment on 20 November 2009
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Thousands of people from all over the globe have come to spontaneously stand in the pouring rain in front of the rustic log cabin where beloved TV actor Adam West was born. Or not.

Cooking with Betty Crocker is Child’s Play!
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 19 November 2009
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I have a vintage cookbook addiction. I simply can’t resist any pre-1965 tome, especially one so jam-packed with line drawings not only of kids cooking “Whiz Nut Bread,” but also chickens drinking chocolate sodas.

We Nerds Are Spoiled
Posted in One Million Watts on 18 November 2009
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One fanzine from the 1920’s caught my attention. Its headline read, “Let Us Band Together and Write Hollywood to Influence them to Increase the Number of Science Fantasy Motion Pictures.” Such was the station of your average nerd — until now.