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Marooned With Hollywood
Posted in One Million Watts on 31 August 2009
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I was headed for a remote Fijian island, where I could escape the traffic, the Ed Hardy and the ex-reality TV stars of the greater Los Angeles area. Or so I thought.

Mr. Bowl in Tinyland – Respect Your Parents
Posted in Lies and Entertainment on 30 August 2009
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Click here for last week’s hilarity.

Serious as a Hefty Bag Full of Rottweilers: Meet “The Middleman”
Posted in Things We Like on 28 August 2009
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If you have any love in your heart for James Kirk, Emma Peel or Maxwell Smart, you could hardly do better than to buy the DVD of the smartest, most geek-tacular genre comedy of the past decade.

The “Up”-side of Delivering Balloons
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 27 August 2009
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In my winsome and innocent youth, I decided to get work delivering balloon-o-grams. I believed I could bring cheer and happiness right to people’s doors. But would I up the ante by delivering the balloons as a singing “Petunia, the Pink Gorilla.”

The now sound of today’s electric toaster: “Walt Disney and the 1964 World’s Fair”
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 26 August 2009
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Take a musical journey to an era when Americans actually believed that humans could live in plastic houses and not feel shrink-wrapped, and that more and bigger freeways were a pretty good idea.

Quentin Tarantino: Revenge is a Dish Best Served Nerd
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 25 August 2009
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I love to talk to fellow nerds like Quentin Tarantino. Once they get going their passion increases, the pretense of normalcy drops away, and the pure nerd within them burns as brightly as E.T.’s finger.

The City of Seattle is Committing Red Light Robbery
Posted in Seattle on 24 August 2009
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The role of government should not be to bleed us dry, but to deliver critical services with integrity. Yet as you read this, private companies are approaching city governments with offers they can’t refuse.

Inside Seattle Rock: All Work and No Pay
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 21 August 2009
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Painting and writing are solitary creative endeavors, while a band is more like a serious amateur sports team without a coach. If a band manages to stick it out long enough to produce some lasting work, that is quite an achievement.

How to Survive the Bacon Apocalypse
Posted in One Million Watts on 20 August 2009
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I could never give up on bacon. I enjoy simply looking at it – one long, gently bowing strip on either side of my eggs and toast, like edible parenthesis.

The Least Successful Toy in the World
Posted in Things We Like on 19 August 2009
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Toy companies are known for cynically jumping on bandwagons. But things don’t always work out. Perhaps today, we can forgive Lionel Trains for trying to come up with a train set that appealed to girls.