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Betsy Lee is a Los Angeles-based notebook and camera-toting, Bionic Woman-esque superhero with an epic conscience and cat-eye glasses. Someday, she might reveal that she's the long-lost lovechild of Studs Terkel and Jane Addams. (That would be a very L.A. thing to do, however unlikely for her epic conscience.)
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To Rainer Maria: I’m Sorry, and Thanks for Everything
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 10 November 2010
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Emo started with a desire to emote and discuss more personal/poetic concepts that were less available in traditional three-chord punk. And you, Rainer Maria, understood that, even if I didn’t seem to.

Why Aren’t You Watching “Fringe?”
Posted in One Million Watts on 21 September 2010
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What I especially like about “Fringe,” beyond its general brilliance, is that the female characters have agency — their own strength and intelligence.

“Why He’s My Ex”: A Happy Book of Endings
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 8 September 2010
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In “Why He’s My Ex,” women from six countries tell their true stories of past relationships — through intricate mini-set pieces.

Going to the Library with Ray Bradbury
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 30 August 2010
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When Ray Bradbury’s wheelchair was pushed into the auditorium of the Los Angeles Public Library and situated next to me, I froze. I’m not fazed by rock stars, but authors are something else.