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Dayvid Figler has an entry on Wikipedia. How is that still up? Anyhoo, TV was his best friend growing up and thanks to the internet, he's been able to reconnect -- though its usually just a "like" here or a "poke" there. No real relationship anymore. Say, "la vie." You can encourage him to be more active on Twitter at @OyVegas. This ends our programming day. (Cue Simon & Garfunkel singing "Bridge" over pictures of water).
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Rebbe Judah Jewstein’s Guide to the Christmas Season for Jews
Posted in Lies and Entertainment on 23 December 2010
Stats: 6,068 views and 4 Comments

Why in the world would you try to make Chanukah into some sort of Jewish Christmas? Are you mental?

Mr. Halloween
Posted in Lies and Entertainment on 28 October 2010
Stats: 4,504 views and 2 Comments

I am SO into Halloween, they call me…Mr. Halloween. I LOVE Halloween. Not like mama-child love. Not like puppy love. Not even like how you might love Ore-Ida Tater Tots, but loving love.

The Lost Films of Ginger Grant
Posted in Lies and Entertainment on 9 August 2010
Stats: 8,726 views and 2 Comments

Each film portrays a stunning beauty of her day (1961’s Miss Hourglass — so named for having sand in all the right places!) at the height of her acting prowess.