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Maika is preoccupied by art, birds, ephemera, vintage photography, the internet and any combination thereof. Excessive evidence of this can be found at her blog (OvO).
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In the Daydream Spaces of Scott Radke
Posted in Things We Like on 17 August 2010
Stats: 6,926 views and 1 Comment

Some might be quick to describe Scott Radke’s creatures as otherworldly, but they’re perfectly at home in this world, inhabiting spaces most of us rarely notice.

Look into the Dream Portals of Chris Berens
Posted in One Million Watts on 20 May 2010
Stats: 10,931 views and 3 Comments

The paintings of Dutch artist Chris Berens feel like incredible glimpses into another person’s dreams. Everything is soft, distorted and unfocused.

Seattle’s Scott Musgrove and the Hunt for Specious Beasts
Posted in Seattle on 25 February 2010
Stats: 5,152 views and No Comments

It has been estimated that 99.9% of all species that have ever lived are now extinct. Were it not for the tireless efforts of this Seattle artist, a world of strange and exotic creatures would now be unknown.