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Bija Andrew Wright is the whitest Buddhist you know. He has switched to skim but he will never switch to decaf. His Zen Buddhist blog can be found at and you can follow him on Twitter here.
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The Vampire Problem
Posted in One Million Watts on 19 October 2010
Stats: 4,610 views and 2 Comments

I began to feel a dragging in the book as Bella anguished over Edward. When was she actually going to realize that he was a vampire?

Welcome to the Hotel Nunya
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 18 August 2010
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“What hotel are you going to, sir?” a taxi driver asks, and I remember a joke that came to me on the train: I tell them “I’m going to the Hotel Nunya.”

The Go-To Joke
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 31 May 2010
Stats: 13,406 views and 2 Comments

Funny people have the enviable talent of making comedy look easy. They do this partly by mentally filing a set of potentially funny references, then referring to them when the time is right.

The Karaoke Sutra
Posted in One Million Watts on 5 May 2010
Stats: 8,695 views and 1 Comment

The Buddha addressed them: “Consider, friends, the reason for this assembly. Suppose a singer were to perform in a smoky room. Would that singer smell of wine and cheap perfume?”

A Buddhist View of “Caprica”
Posted in One Million Watts on 25 January 2010
Stats: 5,785 views and 2 Comments

Do you know where your avatar is? Better still: Do you know why your avatar is? A new SyFy series from the world of “Battlestar Galactica” wrestles with issues that Buddhists have been discussing for centuries.

Tweeting the Animatronic Swami
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 11 January 2010
Stats: 25,459 views and 1 Comment

The Akshardham Temple is one of the newest and largest temples in India. It’s part of a complex of attractions I came to think of as Walt Hindu World. Groups of visitors filter through to watch animatronic mannequins act out scenes.

Does a Dog Have Buddha Nature? The Question is Mu
Posted in One Million Watts on 2 December 2009
Stats: 19,120 views and 2 Comments

Joshu’s student wasn’t asking idly, as a way to pass the time; he was asking earnestly. The whole thing about the dog was weighing heavy on his mind. He really had to know: does Buddha-nature apply even to dogs?

Kurt Cobain vs. Guitar Hero, Part 2
Posted in One Million Watts on 8 October 2009
Stats: 5,739 views and No Comments

I haven’t spent much time with the unlocked Kurt Cobain avatar. Sure, I set up a supergroup with Kurt and Johnny Cash and Shirley Manson, but after watching them hip and hop their way through “Bring the Noise,” I went back to my first choice of avatar: me.

Kurt Cobain vs. Guitar Hero, Part 1
Posted in One Million Watts on 6 October 2009
Stats: 19,741 views and 3 Comments

The figure on the stage is unmistakably Kurt Cobain. Specifically, it’s just like his appearance in the video “Smells Like Teen Spirit”–scraggly dirty-blond hair, dark green cardigan, ripped jeans. However, he moves with uncharacteristic theatricality, and his arms rise in a slow sweeping rock salute to the crowd.