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Paxton is a funny, ridiculously handsome humor writer who sometimes likes to wear pants. He can be found either writing for the Cavalcade of Awesome or using his vast ninja skills to further peace in the Middle Earth (or something).
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First Editions: The Origins of Famous Toys
Posted in Things We Like on 23 June 2010
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As I’m soon to become a dad myself, I got to thinking about those toys that have become ubiquitous — those toys that have spanned the generations to be enjoyed by different children in different eras.

Happy Birth … er, Life Day to “The Star Wars Holiday Special!”
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 3 December 2009
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“The Star Wars Holiday Special” is so notoriously bad that it swings back over to good, ninja-kicks it in the groin, leaves good in a crumpled heap, and moves all the way back into shockingly horrible.

Fizzy fail! Take a Swig of Defunct Soda
Posted in One Million Watts on 22 October 2009
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The Cola Wars of the ’80s and ’90s really brought about a lot of competitive creativity between Pepsi and Coke. Let’s wallow in the agony of their failures.

Glorious Glass: The Best of 1970s-1980s Collector’s Glasses
Posted in Things We Like on 1 October 2009
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Back in the day, fast food joints, supermarkets and convenient stores used to give out commemorative collector’s glasses. They were made from actual glass, not plastic, and were illustrated with kick-ass graphics.