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The Monkey Goggles editorial staff will not stop typing until it produces the works of Shakespeare.
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Things We Like: Nintendo’s Gunpei Yokoi and “The Abominable Dr. Phibes”
Posted in Things We Like on 18 December 2010
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Meet the man who invented the GameBoy, and the man who wants to kill your medical provider with a plague of bees.

Things We Like: Christmas Sweaters, The Sullivan Nod, and “The Mighty Thor”
Posted in Things We Like on 11 December 2010
Stats: 7,455 views and 1 Comment

The subliminal suggested-sell, the hammer of the gods, and the Christmas sweater — which one do you fear the most?

Things We Like: “The Star Wars Holiday Special” and “Blood Diner”
Posted in Things We Like on 4 December 2010
Stats: 3,798 views and No Comments

Sheetar and Lumpy engage in mortal combat! Who will prevail?

Things We Like: Spirograph, “Class of 1984″ and a Tom Lehrer Christmas
Posted in Things We Like on 27 November 2010
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This week: Standing up to the man, drawing lots of circles, and the timeless musical wisdom of the great Tom Lehrer, who actually has a few disc jockey friends. He’s got Dr. Demento, at the least.

Things We Like: “Glitter Freeze,” Cooking with Betty and “World’s Greatest Sinner”
Posted in Things We Like on 20 November 2010
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Timothy Carey, Betty Crocker, and the Gorillaz walk into a bar. The bartender looks up and says, “Must be Saturday at Monkey Goggles.” Crocker says, “I don’t get it.” Oh, that Betty!

Things We Like: Henry Murals, “Melvin and Howard,” and Wrapping Kittens
Posted in Things We Like on 13 November 2010
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How to wrap a kitten for Christmas! Plus: Melvin Dummar makes a friend, and Ryan Henry Ward paints the town.

Things We Like: The Ernie Kovacs Show and Klingon Hardcore Rap
Posted in Things We Like on 6 November 2010
Stats: 6,143 views and 2 Comments

We lament the day Ernie Kovacs was forced to quit the Nairobi Trio. And in Monkey Goggles Klassics: Klingon hardcore rap?

Things We Like: Halloween Addict, “House of the Devil,” and Hospital Misadventures
Posted in Things We Like on 23 October 2010
Stats: 4,386 views and 1 Comment

A tribute to the great horror movies of the 1980s, and a blog that evokes Ministry’s biggest disco hit. Also: Naval hospital hijinks.

Things We Like: Monkey Goggles Halloween Klassics!
Posted in Things We Like on 16 October 2010
Stats: 3,580 views and No Comments

In honor of what may very well be our second-favorite holiday ever, the undead editors of this publication present these kreepy Halloween klassics from the Monkey Goggles vaults!

Things We Like: “Vernon, Florida,” Confronting Bears, and Spock’s Ride
Posted in Things We Like on 9 October 2010
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Sure, Errol Morris has insight into the human condition … but how is he with grizzlies? Interrotron THIS, Oscar-winner! Also: A Vulcan’s pimpmobile.