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Shawn Robare grew up in balmy central Florida. Fleeing the heat and an eventual career sweating to death in an over-sized alligator costume handing out free samples of orange juice to tourists, he made his way north to Atlanta and now writes Branded in the 80s.
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Deep in the Novelization of “E.T.” is an Edgier E.T.
Posted in Things We Like on 3 August 2010
Stats: 86,310 views and 17 Comments

The novelization of “E.T.” sold more than one million copies and gave fans a glimpse of the story that almost was. Is the world ready for a darker “E.T.”?

Leaving Spamalot: Taking a Joke Too Far
Posted in Stories and Appreciations on 14 September 2009
Stats: 9,872 views and 6 Comments

I’ve never eaten a single bite of Spam in my life, yet I probably have more goofy stories surrounding the iconic slab of preserved, pork product than most people living outside of Hawaii or Guam.