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Marc Carvajal worries all the time about how boring his name is. He can't eat. Or sleep.
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An Open Letter to Nathaniel Kahn and M. Night Shyamalan
Posted in Lies and Entertainment on 2 April 2010
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Dear M. Night and Nathaniel: I am writing to let you know I am banning myself from watching any more of your movies. You two colluded to emotionally blackmail me.

The Passive Bowl: Why The NFL Must Stop “Taking a Knee”
Posted in One Million Watts on 3 February 2010
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“Taking a knee” strikes me as a very wimpy and anti-climactic way to end the game. It’s like a guitar player at a rock concert omitting an encore because he wants to keep his guitar in tune.

My Federal Way Safeway Shopping Errand Was Ruined
Posted in Seattle on 9 November 2009
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I like to challenge myself to use the smaller plastic hand baskets as opposed to the large metal carts. The carts create a barrier around oneself and prevent the opportunity for real human moments.

Confronting Bears: A Quick Guide
Posted in Lies and Entertainment on 8 October 2009
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While bears don’t exactly like to cuddle, they aren’t quite as intimidating as a lot of us think. There are several peaceful and even sociable ways of interacting with them.

Life Lessons with Marc
Posted in One Million Watts on 10 September 2009
Stats: 4,097 views and 3 Comments

Thoughts regarding pregnant ponies, detaching one’s head, suggestive calendars and the many reasons why Sheryl Crow is a filthy, filthy liar.